Developing a Positive Self-Image for Increased Self Confidence

To understand the importance of our Self-Image, you have to realize that our mind completes whatever picture we put into it. For example; if I lay a plank of wood twelve inches of the floor and ask someone to walk across it – anyone could do it easily. However, if I take this same plank and stretch it across two 10 story buildings (that’s over 100 feet in the air) – then very few would be willing to try.

Why? Because when it’ twelve inches off the floor – you “SEE” yourself walking across it easily and safely. However, when it’s 100 feet in the air – you “SEE” yourself falling. You feel afraid because of the picture you have in your mind of falling. That picture in your mind determines how you feel.

A baseball player who allows the pitcher to throw three strikes without ever taking a swing does so because he “sees” himself striking out.

A boy or girl who doesn’t study does so because they “see” themselves not being able to learn.

However, before anyone builds a house – they first “see” the house in their mind – then they build the house. Before a painter paints a picture – they first see the painting in their mind. Before a sculpture creates a masterpiece – they first see the sculpture in their mind.

The same is true for you; your self-image determines how you feel about yourself. If you have a positive self-image – you feel good about yourself and your abilities. However, if you have a negative self-image – you feel bad about yourself and your abilities.

In order to be your best and develop your potential – you must “see” yourself as capable and deserving!