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Kids Martial Arts Washington Parish

We have thoroughly enjoyed taking karate for the past 2 years. My husband and I started taking just the kick boxing class but the family atmosphere drew us to the karate classes as well. Watching the senior ranks perfecting their forms is what first hooked me. It takes practice, practice and more practice. We have also enjoyed our hyper kick/trick kick classes, our weapons classes, breaking boards and self defense. We have learned discipline and self control and will continue to take these classes. We are strengthening our body's and sharpening our skills with balance and flexibility.

Lee M.

Kids Martial Arts Washington Parish

Master Busby is great with these kids! We love it! Recommend it to anyone!!!

Rhiannon Carpenter

Kids Martial Arts Washington Parish

My son loves going to karate. If you are looking for a family friendly environment for karate this is the place to go.

Sabrina Lane

Kids Martial Arts Washington Parish

If you ever find yourself in Bogalusa, Louisiana (it could happen) --- Make sure you stop by this outstanding studio under Senior Master Busby. And for those in Bogalusa -- what are you waiting for?! Top-notch family style karate at its very best!

Sabom Nim Chad Hinkle

Kids Martial Arts Washington Parish

Our son enjoys coming to his classes.. And going onto tournaments is awesome

Jerry Beltran

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