Why Everyone Should Train Martial Arts!!!

At the Busby’s Family Karate Schools, we are sending out a clear message to our community’s as to why everyone should learn Martial Arts.

I believe that everyone should learn Martial Arts and I know you as our members do as well. the benefits of training in martial arts go way beyond self-defense. It can help in nearly every aspect of one’s life. Improved health and fitness, athletic enhancement, increased confidence, better concentration and better behavior just to name a few.

Many experts agree that in this day and age of escalating obesity, increased violence and deteriorating family structure, if you do nothing else, you should learn martial arts’

What follows are 7 reasons why this is true.

  1. SELF DEFENSE: “Practice the fight so that you don’t have to” is a phrase that is often used to describe the self-defense benefits of martial arts training. It refers to the fact that as people become more confident in their ability to defend themselves through martial arts training, the need to defend themselves automatically decreases. this is because they unconsciously begin to carry themselves in a more confident manner. that confidence is projected to those around them, making them less vulnerable to being selected by a predator. On top of that, martial arts training includes strategic self-defense as well as actual self-defense. Students are taught how to recognize a potentially dangerous situation and how to avoid confrontations.
  2. ATHLETIC ENHANCEMENT: There is a reason why so many professional teams in virtually every major sport supplement their training with martial arts. Martial arts training offers several advantages. First, it is amazingly effective in enhancing general coordination because it uses every part of the body in a balanced way. Upper body, lower body, right side, left side, forward movement, lateral movement, rotational movement…it’s all include in martial arts training.
  3. FITNESS: The three pieces of the fitness puzzle are strength, flexibility and endurance. Martial arts training demands a balance between the three. Therefor, a person who trains in martial arts will find that their deficiencies improve quickly. Also, because of the balance in the three pieces of the fitness puzzle, they are less likely to injure themselves while participating in other athletic endeavors.
  4. HEALTH: There is a proven link between martial arts and better health for people of all ages. The reasons for this are as follows. First, it is great exercise and, unlike more boring and repetitive workouts, people enjoy the process of training in martial arts. Also, most martial arts programs include discussions of diet and lifestyle changes, so long term training develops healthy habits that can stick with people for life.
  5. CONCENTRATION: Very few activities engage the mind, body and spirit more than martial arts. Because of this, a person’s ability to concentrate is greatly enhanced by their martial arts training and this concentration tends to be easily transferable to other activities.
  6. RESPECT AND COURTESY: Recognizing that martial arts teaches techniques that could be harmful to others if applied, martial arts instructors are obliged to stress the importance of respect, courtesy, and restraint. People who are skilled in martial arts tend to be extremely respectful, considerate and composed.
  7. CONFIDENCE: Martial arts taught correctly, leads to increased confidence for a couple of specific reasons. First, there are no bench sitters. Everyone participates. and rather than comparing one student to another, students are judged against their own potential. Secondly, the structure of martial arts is built on the concept of setting people up for success by giving them a series of realistic, short term goals that they can attain quickly while keeping them focused on an exciting, long term goal. Each time they experience success, their confidence improves until they believe that, with hard work and dedication, they can accomplish just about anything.


To put it simply, there is no other activity that combines all this positive attributes as well as martial arts / Karate training. The benefits are profound. It is up to all of us to do a better fob conveying this message within our communities.

“This is a piece sent to me by Dave Kovar & the Kovar Systems on the benefits of training in the martial arts, and wish to give him full credit.”

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