Black Belt Excellence Life Skills

Decembers Black Belt Excellence Lifeskill curriculum is Responsibility!!!

When you signed your child up for martial arts classes, I am sure you expected them to learn more than just punching and kicking.  Maybe you wanted your child to be more confident, focused, have a positive attitude, set goals and reach them, be more courageous, and have integrity.  Or maybe it was one of many other benefits that go along with martial arts training. This is always something we have tried to instill in each and every student at Busbys Family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In our Black Belt Excellence curriculum each month we focus on a new life skill.  We will be talking about it during each class, doing drills that will help enforce the skill and you will will also get a newsletter each month to read with your child that discusses the topic.  

In each newsletter is a worksheet for your child to complete.  (If your child needs help, please help them!)  Once they complete their worksheet, sign it and have them bring it in with them to class.  They will even be given a special reward for completing it!

It is also going to now be a requirement for these to be turned in in order to progress to new belt levels.  We know you want your child to master these life skills and we do too!  The physical martial arts training combined with this program is going to take each student's progress to the next level.  These life skills are integral to what they are already learning on the mat!

We are very excited about this program and we know you and your child will love it!  Please feel free to ask any questions and make sure to grab Decembers newsletter at your next class!

International Master Instructor Stacy Busby

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