Children’s Martial Arts Program:

Our Children’s Martial Arts program will help your son or daughter develop a confident, positive outlook on life while getting into great shape and learning valuable self-defense lessons.

As the parent of a child, you’re surely hopeful that your son or daughter develops into a happy, healthy, responsible adult who is capable of taking care of him or herself. Today’s youth face a wide variety of obstacles to overcome that include not getting enough exercise, facing negative peer pressure, bullying, and sometimes a lack of self-discipline. Even the best kids can find it challenging to cope with just one of these obstacles, let alone several of them.

That’s exactly why we offer a specialized Youth Martial Arts class that is designed to:

  • Get your child into great physical shape.
  • Strengthen your child’s sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • Give your child a positive, enjoyable social activity, a way to meet friends with common goals
  • Improve current agility and sportsmanship to help the participant excel at other sports.
  • Teach your child how to defend himself or herself, and when to walk away to stay safe.

Our Internationally Certified Instructors “lead by example” and are positive role models for our students as they reinforce the principles of courtesy and respect – both of oneself and to others.
There is no prior experience necessary to become a member of our Youth Martial Arts Program. Your child will enjoy our exciting Martial Arts curriculum and will appreciate becoming physically fit and self-assured!

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